Want to see more women in sales leadership? Me too.

So let’s do something about it. Together.

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Why #GirlsClub?

We are changing the face of sales leadership one woman at a time. Our program is designed to produce confident, high-functioning certified digital sales managers ready to lead a high-performing sales team. We do this with a 9-month bench-building sales training and mentoring program. 

#GirlsClub At A Glance

#GirlsClub is a comprehensive 9-month program built to get more women in front-line management and sales leadership. The program includes:

  • 10 award-winning virtual Sales Manager courses like Essential Sales Manager Meetings, Driving Sales Performance with Metrics, KPI’s and Goals, and Own Your Day.
  • 20 hours of live webinars with Digital Sales Experts, Sales Leaders, Recruiters, Technology Experts, Sales Personalities, Authors, Leadership Gurus and more
  • 1:1 mentoring calls with Senior Leaders to guide you through the process step by step
  • Exclusive Access to Senior Executive Sales Leaders to learn their stories and ask your questions
  • Direct Feedback from hiring managers and recruiters
  • Monthly access to new ideas, free tools, recommended reading and podcasts hand selected to guide your ascent to the next level.
  • An internal spotlight as we involve your management and leadership in your development
  • Entrance to the “Rise-up” finale event – 2 days of intimate conversations, training, and inspiration where you’ll be surrounded by successful women in sales
  • Certification as a Digital Sales Manager

This intensive 9-month program is exactly what you need to up-level your sales career. 

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How You Can Participate


Are you an aspiring Inside Sales Manager? Or, a new manager who's looking to improve upon your skills? #GirlsClub is the training and mentoring community for you. We're currently accepting applications for our 2018/2019 program that begins on September 5, 2018. But, hurry - we only have a few spots left and the deadline is around the corner!

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Although there's been an increase in women reporting that mentors have played a key role in their career development, the numbers are dismal compared to men. You can help change that with #GirlsClub. But, what's in it for you besides the 'feel good' factor? Mentors will have access to all on-line curriculum, exclusive sessions with thought leaders, and attendance to the Rise Up Finale Summit Event. Our goal is that not only will participants build confidence and advance their career, but mentors will too. And, it's free.

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Thought Leaders - the next generation of aspiring women need you. As a Thought Leader in #GirlsClub, you'll play an integral role to inspire us, stretch boundaries, and get us thinking, believing, and striving. In other words, keep being you. 

As a Thought Leader, you'll provide content, participate in recorded interviews, give live keynotes, and participate in Thought Leader challenges to push the envelope to get more women-filled seats.

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Gender gap is a hot topic and for good reason. Women prove to be, in general, higher performers than men and more loyal than their counterparts. (Exactly 2013)As a sponsor for #GirlsClub, you can both build a culture of productive, more effective employees and while effecting change in the gender pay gap.

As a sponsor, your brand will be seen by tens of thousands as a leader of diversity and inclusion, and a leading supporter of women in sales. Boost your public image, open more participants slots for your
company, and gain access to users recommenders, and decision makers in companies you’ve never reached before.

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